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From "Franz Fehringer" <>
Subject AW: Proposal : Time to release Axis C++ 1.6beta
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 11:31:32 GMT

In the not too distant past i created several issues regarding bugs and
shortcomings of the current implementation.
The yet unassigned/open ones are

*	AXISCPP-898 simple problem with simpleTypes
*	AXISCPP-899 tunnel https connections over http proxies
*	AXISCPP-900 Attributes not settable for webservice incvocation
*	AXISCPP-904 undeclared xml namespaces
*	AXISCPP-905 dllexport warnings
*	AXISCPP-906 Multiple portTypes/ports not supported
*	AXISCPP-908 generated code not used
*	AXISCPP-911 unchecked or unsafe operations in java code
*	AXISCPP-912 only basic types allowed for attributes
*	AXISCPP-914 fault/exception/error handling flawed
*	AXISCPP-918 generated copy constructor wrong/incomplete

Are there any chances for them to get addressed (at least commented)?
Also i believe there are some issues in the ninehundreds or high
eighthundreds reported by James Jose which are not addressed/commented as of

Greetings and thanks for the good work


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Von: Adrian Dick []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 1. Marz 2006 10:34
Betreff: Proposal : Time to release Axis C++ 1.6beta

(This is a repeat send, because I can't find any evidence of the original
getting through the system - apologies if you receive this twice)

Hi, Guys,

I wish to propose we produce an Axis C++ 1.6 beta, and if no significant
problems are found we should release the 1.6 final two weeks later.

Here is my reasoning behind this proposal:

In the past few weeks, a lot of the issues we've been seeing on the mailing
list have already been fixed in the latest nightly builds.  It would
therefore be a good time to consider releasing, particularly as it has been
over 10 months since any form of release.

254 Jira issues have been fixed since the 1.5 final release.

But this isn't just a fix release, there has also been an increase in
capability added to the Axis C++ engine and the WSDL2Ws tooling:
Improvements within the engine include:
   memory management
   transport layer
   cookie support
   addition of Configuration API

Improved WSDL support for:
   xsd built-in simple types (all types now supported)

The nightly builds when tested today on Windows, Linux and AIX have only 1
client testcase failing (see AXISCPP-942) from 288 attempted.
It looks like AXISCPP-942 should be fixed very soon, but I feel we can
still try producing a beta, and ensure this fix gets into the final

Adrian Dick (

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