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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: [AXIS C++ 1.6b] : Deserialization problems
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 10:43:10 GMT
Empty elements: This should work already without the fix are you using the 
1.6 code? If so, can you put the wsdl and the captured SOAP response here 

"Damien Bouchet" <> 
04/04/2006 09:56
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>

"Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>

[AXIS C++ 1.6b] : Deserialization problems

We have developped a web service based on Axis CPP 1.6b but are now facing 
two anomalies during the deserialization of incoming requests : 
Empty elements
When one of the elements in the incoming SOAP request is empty, a sigsegv 
fault occurs, and the request is not processed by the web service. We 
managed to get the service to work with the following workaround :
In SoapDeSerializer.cpp, at line 1911 (in the getElement Method) :
<    else if (END_ELEMENT == m_pNode->m_type)    // We have an empty 
string - Jira AXISCPP-93
<    {
<     pSimpleType->deserialize("");
<     m_pNode = m_pParser->next();
<     return;
<    }
>    else if (END_ELEMENT == m_pNode->m_type)    // We have an empty 
string - Jira AXISCPP-93
>    {
>     pSimpleType->deserialize("");
>     //Proposed  Fix : We already have read the end element, no need to 
skip it
>     //m_pNode = m_pParser->next();
>     return;
>    }
Does this modification seem correct to you, to fix the sigsegv fault, or 
do you recommand another way of fixing this behaviour ?
Text with accents (acute, grave, ...)
When one of the elements with a "String" type contains any character with 
an accent, calling the getElementAsString method returns an empty String. 
The position of the accent in the String doesn't seem to matter. The 
incoming SOAP requests are encoded in UTF-8.
Do you have any idea what can cause such a behaviour and how to fix it ? 
Could this have anything to do with bug AXISCPP-947 ?
Thank you for your help on this.

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