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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: thoughts re development towards 1.0
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2006 16:59:58 GMT

> I gave it a try and it seems to work. What I did was is to place the 
> whole of description hierarchy and part of the context hierarchy, 
> starting from operation context and upwards (that is op_ctx, svc_ctx, 
> svc_grp_ctx and conf_ctx) in to global pool. The rest is in the request 
> pool and the trick seems to work. Not the ideal solution but we can use 
> this as our starting point I hope.
> What I would do is that, I would test this a bit more, ensure that it 
> does not crash in an ad-hoc manner and then commit the stuff.
> Once committed, if you could give it a try again and let us know the 
> status, that would be great. In the latest fix, in addition to your 
> patch, I have also introduced a global pool to the allocator as you had 
> suggested earlier. I would let you know, once I commit the stuff.

   Cool, thanks!  Yes, please give me a ping -- private email is good,
too, to make sure I see it! -- when you've got a patch ready to try.

   One note, BTW -- I rewrote a couple of places where AXIS2_REALLOC()
was used in the main codebase, enough for me to get started, but as I
noted somewhere (in Jira, I think) there are a few other uses of it that
would need rewriting in general.  Rampart has a few, I think, for
instance.  Overall there are thankfully very few instances of it.


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