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From "Milinda Pathirage" <>
Subject WSDL2C Changes
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 04:46:13 GMT
While compiling the code generated for BaseDataTypesDocLitB service using
WSDL2C , I experienced with some compiling errors due some name conflicts
with axis2/c available data types and c built-in data types.  As a n example
consider there is a type called 'char' in our WSDL as in
BaseDataTypesDocLitB schema, then some part of generated code will look lie

typedef axis2_char axis2_char_t;

struct axis2_char{

axis2_status_t AXIS2_CALL
axis2_char_free (axis2_char_t* char, const axutil_env_t *env)

These red bold things were the cause for compilation errors. Because of that
i propose to change the naming conventions of generated ADB code to
adb_<type_name>_t instead of axis2_ prefix. Also to avoid cases like second
example I propose we have to introduce '_' prefix to parameter name.
Then it will look like this:

typedef adb_char adb_char_t;

struct adb_char{

axis2_status_t AXIS2_CALL
adb_char_free (adb_char_t* _char, const axutil_env_t *env).

And we don't have implementations for all the XML Schema data types to do
data binding other than implementations for 'date time', 'duration', 'uri'
if I'm correct.

I think we have to really concentrate on WSDL2C tool and API of generated
code, because most of the threads in the user list are regarding code


P. S Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

-- "Web services with Axis2/C"

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