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From "Divye Kapoor" <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code - Implementation of the XPath specification in Axis/C
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 19:28:04 GMT
Hello all,
   Thank you for the clarifications. I'm sorry for the late reply as I
was travelling back to college from my hometown.

First of all, while implementing the XPath specification, I would like
to create a family of functions with a signature set like:
axiom_xpath_parse(axiom_xpath_context *ctx, const char * xpath_str, int len)
where an axiom_xpath_context structure will contain an
axiom_xml_reader_t * and other assorted contextual info.

axiom_xpath_*(...) functions have to be implemented according to

so that I can stick to the java behaviour of Axiom.

While implementing this behaviour, the only thing that I will have to
depend upon will be the parser abstraction layer specified by the
axiom_xml_reader.c and axiom_xml_writer.c

1. This is the gist of what I've gathered from this discussion. Am I
proceeding in the right direction?

2. Also, what kind of automated testing is being used for code
proofing? I would rather build a small and correct implementation
rather than a buggy implementation of a larger subset of the api.

Looking for your guidance and comments,

Divye Kapoor

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