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From "Supun Kamburugamuva" <>
Subject Moving axis2_*iis/apache2*_worker_process_request logic to a common place - Correct mail
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 08:32:01 GMT
Hi List,

We have a very large code inside both axis2_apache2_worker_process_request
and axis2_iis_worker_process_request methods. Both these codes are similar
and use the same logic. It is hard to maintain the same code in may places
and I would like to suggest to move the common logic in to the

In oder to introduce a common method we need to pass lot of information from
the HTTP servers to this new method. We can do this by introducing a new

typedef struct {
    int content_lenght;
    axis2_char_t *url;
    axis2_char_t *http_method;
    axis2_conf_ctx_t *conf_ctx;
    axis2_char_t *soap_action;
    void *stream;
   /* There may be lot of other fields  */
} axis2_tranport_in_t;

Also we need a method to give what ever the processed information back to
the transport level. We can introduce another structure to do that

typedef struct {
    void *stream;
    int status;
    axis2_char_t *custom_error_messages;
    /* There may be other fields, feel free to comment on them */
} axis2_tranport_out_t;

So the Transport writers can fill this structure and give it to the method

axis2_http_tranport_utils_process_request(axutil_env_t *env,
axis2_transport_in_t *tr_in,

axutil_tranport_out_t *tr_our);

for processing. This method will fill the axutil_tranport_out_t and give it
back to the transport layer. Also we shouldn't add respective getter and
setter fields to these structures, since we are using these structures for
information exchange between two methods.

This is the rough idea that came into my mind and I'm sure all of you may
have better ideas than me -).


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