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From "Patrick van Beem" <>
Subject Duplicate function in generated axis2_stubs.
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 12:47:33 GMT

In the main trunk, the C-code generator now generates the following function in the axis2_stub_xxx.c:

    axiom_node_t* AXIS2_CALL
    axis2_deserialize_buffer (
        const axutil_env_t * env,
        char *buffer);

This one is the same for every stub generated. So if you use more SOAP interfaces in one project,
you get this function multiple times in one project. The linker does not like that...

Possible solutions include:
- Make it static, so the linker won't complain. Drawback: You will end up with multiple copies
of the same function. (Intelligent linkers might remove these duplicates when optimizing.)
- Deliver it in a separate file outside of the generation process and tell the user to include
it in their project. Drawback: Less user-friendly.
- Generate it in a separate file and tell the user to delete duplicates. Drawback: less user-friendly.

Any other solutions? Anyone? What's preferred?


Patrick van Beem
Sr. Software engineer
T +31 (0) 73 691 07 39
F +31 (0) 73 691 07 54
M +31 (0) 06 15 01 65 83

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