On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 4:59 AM, Vivian Wang <vivianwangym@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi There,

I am starting to use rampart/c for ws-security purpose together with axis2/c in a web service client application. I have the following get-me-started questions:

(1) As a web service client, all the security configurations can be done in a policy file, there is no need to programmatically set the security parameters in my source code, all I need to do is to set the policy file location when I create the web service client. Is this right?

    I am asking this because when I browsed the rampart/c sample source code, I noticed that in some samples like saml_echo,  you created a saml assertion and set it into client config, like this:

    assertion = create_saml_assertion(env);
    saml = rampart_saml_token_create(env, assertion, RAMPART_ST_CONFIR_TYPE_SENDER_VOUCHES);
    rampart_saml_token_set_token_type(saml, env, RP_PROPERTY_SIGNED_SUPPORTING_TOKEN);
    rampart_config_add_saml_token(client_config, env, saml);

Can this be done in the policy configuration file so I don't have to do this in my source code?

This cannot be done in the policy configuration. SAML assertion is created prorammatically. So I don't see a way this can be set using the policy configuration.