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From Gordon Brown <>
Subject soap in client call contains gabage character -- Very very puzzling
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 07:49:21 GMT
Hi All,

I need urgent help with a very puzzling issue with axis2/c 1.6 ( I build the axis2/c using
the code from trunk, slightly earlier before the offical release). Here is my issue:

I have a small XML data (16K) passed in to be as a UTF8 string, I checked the XML data is
good (run through quite a few other tools to verify it). Now I used axiom APIs to parse the
XML and make web service call like this:

xml_reader = axiom_xml_reader_create_for_memory(_env, (
om_builder = axiom_stax_builder_create(_env, xml_reader);void*)xmlString_in.c_str(), xmlString_in.size(),
axiom_document_t *document = axiom_stax_builder_get_document(om_builder, _env); 
axiom_node_t * payload = axiom_document_get_root_element(document, _env);
 axiom_node_t * node = axis2_svc_client_send_receive(_wsf_service_client, _env, payload );
Now I use tcpmon to intercept the call, I noticed that the data sent out contains some gabage
characters (always in some XML tag, not the element value) like this:
However, if I serialize the payload node before I make the client call, I can see the data
is fine in memory. What puzzles me even more is that this thing only occur in one XML file
I tried, but works fine for many other XML input (even as big as 10M bytes).  I've also attached
the XML I used to procude the problem.
Does anyone have a clue about this?
Thanks much in advance!


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