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From "Patrick Cosmo" <>
Subject embedded Axis2 web server into another app ...
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 21:40:08 GMT
I want to embed an Axis2 web server into another application, so that
this other application has a built-in (http) WSDL API service (running
in a separate thread). This to me means:
1. build the code as a library that my app can link to
2. start the web service based on the code found in main( ) of
3. stop the web service based on the code found for the SIGINT signal in
sig_handler( ) of http_server_main.c
Does this sound about right?
One thing I'm unsure of is exactly what code do I need to include in the
library? http_server_main is found in core/transport/http, but do I need
all the other code directories under core? Is there a document anywhere
that describes how the project is broken up into these different
sub-directories, and what the function of each is?
Any thoughts on whether I should be able to start, stop, and restart the
web service within my application without ever having stopped the
application itself?
Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

Patrick Cosmo

Incognito Software Inc.
Senior Software Design Engineer
T: +1(604)678-2855
F: +1(604)688-4339
E: <> 



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