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From Patrick Cosmo <>
Subject services.xml confusion ...
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2009 23:05:44 GMT
I'm really confused about how to configure the services.xml, I've scoured the internet but
nothing I've read seems very clear to me, most of it applies to Java and many of the examples
are for a service with one method where the service and the method have the exact same name
(e.g. "sort"), and the code in the samples was clearly not generated from a WSDL file using

If this is a no-brainer for any of you and you're able to give me some quick guidance, I will
give you a thousand thanks :-).

Let's start here:

    <service name="IncSecurityService">

My implementation library is named "incowsdlsecurity.dll", my service defined in the WSDL
file is named "InSecurityService", and the code generated by WSDL2C seems to be named "axis2_svc_skel_IncSecurityService"
(e.g. _svc_skel_IncSecurityService_free( ... ),   axis2_svc_skel_IncSecurityService_invoke(
... ), axis2_svc_skel_IncSecurityService_init( ... ), etc.).

So, I don't know if my service name in the above XML element is "IncSecurityService", "axis2_svc_skel_IncSecurityService",
or "incowsdlsecurity"?

    <parameter name="ServiceClass" locked="xsd:false">IncSecurityService</parameter>

Same thing here, what goes into the value for the above element?

and for operations, I have a single "login" call (in WSDL this is 2 messages: loginRequest
and loginResponse), which has 4 "in parameters" (loginName, loginTime, authenticator, authenticatorType)
and 2 "out parameters" (authenticationToken, errorCode).

So what do I configure for the <operation> element? :

    <operation name="login">
            <parameter name="loginName" > ??? </parameter>
            <parameter name="loginTime" > ??? </parameter>
            <parameter name="authenticator" > ??? </parameter>
            <parameter name="authenticatorType" > ??? </parameter>
            <parameter name="authenticationToken" > ??? </parameter>
            <parameter name="errorCode" > ??? </parameter>

I have no understanding of what goes in the above, or if what I wrote above is even remotely
close. The stub generated by WSDL2C for the login call is this:

adb_loginResponse_t* axis2_skel_IncSecurityService_login(const axutil_env_t *env, adb_loginRequest_t*
_loginRequest )

Again, appreciate any feedback on this. I've attached the WSDL and XSD file in case it is
of any help.

Best regards,

Patrick Cosmo

Incognito Software Inc.
Senior Software Design Engineer
T: +1(604)678-2855
F: +1(604)688-4339

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