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From Satish Bvs <>
Subject Re: NULL: axiom_node_t: node: Any side effects
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2010 16:49:44 GMT

     Thank you for the response.

     I did try the alternative of using axiom_node_create, but was unsuccessful.
     Framework is generating coredump upon the return of Web Service operation that return's
an node create by above function.

     Here is the back trace,
#0  0x0000002a9719c545 in free () from /lib64/tls/
#1  0x0000002a95d1232d in axis2_http_status_line_free (status_line=0x55bb80, env=0x55cd50)
at http_status_line.c:149
#2  0x0000002a95d117cb in axis2_http_simple_response_free (simple_response=0x55bb60, env=0x55cd50)
at http_simple_response.c:114
#3  0x0000002a95d10535 in axis2_http_out_transport_info_impl_free (http_out_transport_info=0x558cf0,
env=0x55cd50) at http_out_transport_info.c:156
#4  0x0000002a95e61433 in axis2_msg_ctx_free (msg_ctx=0x55bd60, env=0x55cd50) at msg_ctx.c:443
#5  0x0000002a95d14a3d in axis2_http_worker_process_request (http_worker=0x5ef630, env=0x55cd50,
svr_conn=0x55a8e0, simple_request=0x55c600) at http_worker.c:2008
#6  0x0000002a960aa9fc in axis2_svr_thread_worker_func (thd=0x55a890, data=0x55a860) at http_svr_thread.c:263
#7  0x0000002a97372137 in start_thread () from /lib64/tls/
#8  0x0000002a971fc883 in clone () from /lib64/tls/

    No, there is no requirement for empty axiom element.
    We are using it as a work around to mimic empty response.

    So does the approach of creating and empty axiom_element has any side effects? Thanks,

From: Nandika Jayawardana <>
To: Apache AXIS C Developers List <>
Sent: Mon, February 15, 2010 1:21:52 AM
Subject: Re: NULL: axiom_node_t: node: Any side effects

In order to create an empty axiom_node_t you can just use axiom_node_create method. Or is
your requirement to create an empty axiom element ?


On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 4:02 AM, Satish Bvs <> wrote:

>>     Inline with our implementation needs,
>           to construct an NULL(empty) axiom_node_t,
>           i have made few canges to AxisC code base.
>     Specifically, the modification were to allow localname for axiom_element creation
to be NULL.
>     Can anyone help with Insight of possible side effects with this approach.
>     A prompt comments are very helpful. 

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