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From Satish Bvs <>
Subject Fw: REST: HTTP_PUT: Debugging
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:08:35 GMT

      Can you help with below question.

      We started adopting Axis2C framework for our project recently.
      And thank you for the the platform work.

      Currently we are stuck with a roadblock and seek your help or guidance.

      Problem Statement,
              Unable to place an successful HTTP: PUT request for an REST enabled operation.
              But were able to place and POST operation and it went tru.
      Logs & System Files,
              services.xml (segmenet)
<operation name="start">
<parameter name="RESTMethod">PUT</parameter>
<parameter name="RESTLocation">start</parameter>

Post Request & Response (through curl)
curl http://localhost:9090/services/Concordat/start -T Temp
<html><head><title>500 Internal Server Error</title></head><body><h2>Internal
Server Error</h2><p>The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented
it from fulfilling the request.</p></body></html>

[Tue Feb  2 18:38:00 2010] [info]  Starting HTTP server thread
[Tue Feb  2 18:38:01 2010] [debug] http_worker.c(200) Client HTTP version HTTP/1.1
[Tue Feb  2 18:38:01 2010] [info]  Request served in 0.001 seconds

              1. If the REST operation is not properly mapped, 
                  The log statement would be,
                        [Tue Feb  2 18:39:44 2010] [debug] rest_disp.c(114) Checking for service
using target endpoint address :
[Tue Feb  2 18:39:44 2010] [debug] core_utils.c(772) Checking for operation using REST HTTP
Location fragment : /start
[Tue Feb  2 18:39:44 2010] [error] core_utils.c(1081) REST maping structure is NULL for the
accessed URL

      2. For the HTTP:PUT request there is no segment,
                        That is checking for even endpoint address,

      Any ideas will be very helpful.
      And I will happy to give any necessary details.


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