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From Robert Springer <>
Subject Some problems with axis2c (1.6)
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 06:18:20 GMT

I have some problems with axis2c, I hope you can help me:
- in http_svr_thread.c when request processing is finished then connection
is closed even if client sent Connection: keep-alive (it may affect
- in simple_http_svr_conn.c:axis2_simple_http_svr_conn_read_request(): line
288: I am not sure, but str_line may be freed here
- in http_worker.c:axis2_http_worker_process_request():
accept_header_field_list, accept_charset_record_list and
accept_language_header_list are not freed
- in http_worker.c:axis2_http_worker_process_request(): line 1219, if
fault_ctx is created then it is not freed at the end (it may affect
- in http_response_writer.c:axis2_http_response_writer_println_str(): I am
not sure, but in content length the additional AXIS2_HTTP_CRLF is not

Thanks your help in advance, br,


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