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From "Steve Leland" <>
Subject SSL Error: Premature close
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 21:50:14 GMT
The following msg is being reported in our logs - we're using Axis2c 1.6.0 
and staticly link OpenSSL 0.9.8o
    [error] ..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\ssl\ssl_stream.c(163) SSL 
Error: Premature close

This happens at 1 of our customer sites, and the only way I can reproduce it 
is to run in a very resource constrained environment - I have to put both 
the client and server in their own VM on some underpowered boxes, and route 
communication between them through our VPN server over my home ISP.

I checked JIRA, it resembles the problem fixed in AXIS2C-728.  That fix 
involved changing axis2_ssl_stream_read() to call
     SSL_CTX_set_mode(stream_impl->ctx, SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY);
before doing the read
    read = SSL_read(stream_impl->ssl , buffer, count);

SSL_read is also called in axis2_ssl_stream_skip(), around line 217, so I 
added the same call
     SSL_CTX_set_mode(stream_impl->ctx, SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY);
before doing that read, and it fixes this problem.

1.7.0 has the same axis_ssl_stream_skip() routine as 1.6.0; any chance the 
AXIS2C-728 fix could be put there too?

Steve Leland

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