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From Paul Ackersviller <>
Subject Library crashes without proper arp setup
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 08:58:07 GMT
The following description is from the person who analyzed the core dump,
I'll only add that the box in question had two NICs, and networking was
misconfigured in such a way that "arp $(hostname)" was failing.

The axis2c library (used by GenericID) coredumps in axutil_uuid_gen_v1()
(uuid_gen_unix.c) if it cannot retrieve the host system's MAC address.

Libraries should not core dump without providing details of the
underlying cause. The axutil_uuid_gen_v1() function should be modified
to check that the mac_addr pointer is not NULL, and raise an error using
the appropriate mechanism if it is NULL. Extra points if the called
axutil_uuid_get_mac_addr() reports what system calls failed (note there
are 3 axutil_uuid_get_mac_addr(), depending on the build system type).

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