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From Alex Mantaut <>
Subject Crash when reusing svc_client with non-blocking call
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:26:11 GMT
Hi all,
       I'm performing a stress test on AXIS2C, sending multiple
Asynchronous request from a client to a service.

 I'm using an instance of svc_client to send multiple non_blocking requests
to a service, but after the request I lock the thread to wait for the
callback on complete to finish... The callback unlocks the mutex, wich
unlocks the 1st thread.

The code is similar to this:

non_blocking (svc_client_,
env,                                               payload, callback);

echo_callback_on_complete(struct axis2_callback* callback,
                          const axutil_env_t*      env)
[does a bunch of stuff]
          return status;

The thing is when it tries to send a second request it fails with
segmentation fault... After some debugging, I found that some of the
callback resources weren't completly deallcated when finishing
callback_on_complete(), wich somehow makes the next send request cause a
segmentation fault...

Looking in google I found this, and it looks like my
issue... Somebody did fix this? is there a workaround I could use to know
when the callback resources have been released?

Mantaut Alex
Intraway Corp.

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