Dear Axis2/C devs,

I've started developing an application using axis2/C asynchronous calls and I found several bugs...  After a lot of diving trough the axis code I think I found some of the problems, and implemented simple fixes for them...

I would like to send those patches to you to see if the bug fixes are correct or is there a better solution for those issues? I've runned the project tests and did some memory leak check and the patch fixes the memory leaks from asynchronous calls...

Also it seems that axis2/c crashes in several places while creating and using multiple svc_clients, mostly due the saturation of file descriptors, and because in some cases the use of files isn't validated... I've tried to find a solution to that as well but there were many places that needed to be modified, I found some but I need to cleanup my code before sending a patch...

If the bug fixes are correct I would love to create a jira ticket in order to incorporate the code to trunk...

Thank you all for your great work,
Best regards
Mantaut Alex
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