Hi  Juraj Ivančić,

I looked into the patches and I would like to merge them to the trunk.It would be great if you can create a single jira ticket and attach the source code to it and mention the issues you have fixed with them. Creating a jira ticket is necessary since its a contribution.


2012/1/27 Juraj Ivančić <juraj.ivancic@gmail.com>
Dear Axis2/C devs,

I recently started using Axis2/C and Rampart/C for my application. After several days of hair pulling and teeth grinding I have managed to grasp the big picture and have successfully embedded/extended axis2 to my requirements. During this process I have found several bugs in both Rampart and Axis, and have also implemented some simple enhancements.

As I like working with a VCS, I created temporary git clones of trunks and placed my changes there. Both repositories are available at gitorious - https://gitorious.org/axis2-c-patches

I would, of course, like to have these changes merged back to the corresponding development trunks. I see that there is a bug tracker, but as both projects seem quite inactive lately I am afraid that I would be wasting my time in writing bug tickets which might then be ignored for years or more.

In short - is there someone with time, will and knowledge to process these (potential) tickets and/or have a look at my changes cited above?

Thank you all for your great work,

Best regards,
       Juraj Ivančić

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