Hi Deepal,
I need help in that sense. That the idea is to have each subpart of my plan subtree 3 with all coverage tests with Google Test.


Regression Test Framework with Gtestn.an.a0d?
3.1UnitTest Context 0d
3.2UnitTest Engine 0d
3.3Unit Test Client API 0d
3.4UnitTest util 0d
3.5UnitTest transport 0d
3.6Unit Test Axiom


Currently am doing 3.1. I switched to use the current trunk. At the end we want a complete test coverage of axis2c before starting reorganizing thing and bugfixing. There is a lot of job to do. I think that i will have the coverage of util soon, than i will move to axiom. if someone can help in doing the same thing with client api or other parts of axis.
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2015-08-17 17:49 GMT+02:00 Deepal jayasinghe <deepalk@gmail.com>:
Hi Giorgio,

Thanks for keeping list updated. Where are we on the release ? more to go?


Dear all,
i am developing tests in the subtree 3 of my plan. Regression Test with Google Test Framework.

I have extracted axis-util for the current trunk, create an enviroment with gtest, gcov, lcov with CMake and started to add tests.
The result is at https://github.com/jzoppi/axis2c-trunk/tree/master/util

With this command you enable the gtest and gcov

cmake -DENABLE_COVERAGE=ON CMakeLists.txt

make axutil-test_coverage  # you execute the tests

This closes my 4 hour week. Next weeks i will add more test to get a good test coverage for axutil.

Best Regards,

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