Hi Giorgio,

You need to be a committer to be marked as a JIRA dev. So what you can do now is to create JIRAs and start working on, once you get committership we can make your a JIRA dev so you can assign them to you or someone else.

Deepal in this project i have no authority on JIRA as I had on etch or tuscany. We need to create a backlog in order to plan. In Spain we have this monday free. Let's give to axis2c a last try...could you help on this? My apache.org is giorgio@apache.org. So we can create in Jira a roadmap and a release plan.
Best Regards,

2016-05-11 1:45 GMT+02:00 Rafael Bronzeri <rafael.bronzeri@gmail.com>:
Hi Deepal,

I can contribute with Axis2C, I will send 
Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA).
Have I send it to secretary@apache.org, right?

Giorgio and Sendil,

Let's continue the project planning?


Em ter, 10 de mai de 2016 00:02, Deepal jayasinghe <deepalk@gmail.com> escreveu:
You can submit a CLA. So you can get started.

Hi Giorgio,

I'm waiting for a response from the company that I work for with authorization if I can contribute with Axis2C in my free time.
The estimated date for response is tomorrow.


Em seg, 9 de mai de 2016 17:43, Giorgio Zoppi <giorgio.zoppi@gmail.com> escreveu:
Hello everybody,
i am going to drop any committement to axis2c. For my side should go to the attic.

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