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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [AXIS ARCH] - Message Internals
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 01:18:41 GMT
James Snell wrote:

> 2. SOAP's use of accessor multireferencing (id/href) allows for
> forward/backwards/external references that may not be possible in the stream
> considering the fact that the target of a reference may not have been
> received into the stream yet.

this can be solved and we have a solution that is working both with SAX and XML
pull parser for multi-ref SOAP encoding. simple idea is to keep list seen so for
ids and when there is href to unknown id add it to a fixup list.

> An obvious example of this would be an XML signature verifier where the
> signature is in the header and the data signed is in the body.  If we use
> the streaming approach, then there is the potential that the signed data
> won't be available by the time the digital signature verifier is invoked.

i think that it is the worst possible case  - however it could still work with
pull parser as long as we can get all input into memory (required to verify
signature) and then continue parsing from memory.

Aleksander Slominski, IU,
As I look afar I see neither cherry Nor tinted leaves Just a modest hut
on the coast In the dusk of Autumn nightfall-Fujiwara no Teika (1162-1241)

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