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From Erik Onnen <>
Subject RE: UDDI servers / projects
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:07:27 GMT
There is a UDDI server you can at least demo for free from
( but I am not sure what the licensing is. Also, it is
fairly tightly coupled to DB2. In looking at the XML config file there may
be a way to change the underlying JDBC connection properties to use a
different database. But, such a change is certainly not documented and there
is no source code provided so changing the underlying data store is all
guess work if you want to use something other than DB2.

Also, I believe GLUE released their Beta2
package yesterday which has a UDDI server. Again, I am not sure about the


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From: Matthew Langham []
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 9:56 AM
Subject: UDDI servers / projects


sorry for the bandwidth - but I am not sure how to address this correctly
(and yes I checked out the UDDI list on yahoo):

I have just started "investigating" SOAP and its related technologies using
Apache Soap and also following the Axis stuff.

What seems lacking to me at the moment (and this may already have been
addressed many times) is the lack of UDDI "servers". If I was interested in
deploying SOAP based services inside a large organisation then it would seem
like a good idea to set up some form of UDDI service as a organisational

As far as I can make out there do not seem to be any UDDI implementations
freely (i.e. under an Apache type licence) and readily available. Why not?
Is there anything planned in this area - parhaps an Apache project or
something similar - what about commercial ones?

Surely something like this must be possible using the xml.apache stuff?


Matthew Langham

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