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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: New message model notes (part 1 - brief)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:37:43 GMT

> > This is the "can't squirt generic XML into a SOAPEnvelope body yet"
> > problem. I'm on it, will fix this AM.
> Feels like an odd hack.  The SOAPSaxHandler probably should be able to
> presume SOAP, IMHO.

I think this kind of use case (I have some XML and want to send it inside a
SOAP envelope) is pretty common, and we should support it in any case.

I was planning on fixing this by creating a new Message type,
"BodyInputStream" or something like that, which would assume the input
stream in the Message should be wrapped in a SOAPEnvelope.  This might work
by creating a SOAPEnvelope, and then making a new kind of SOAPBodyElement
which contains an InputStream (or even a DOM Element).  That might enable
really fast outputting where the output() method on that element just hooks
the stream up and plays it out....  Anyways, I'll get something working and
we can tear it apart afterwards.

> Perhaps it would be better to have a separate servlet for 
> admin tasks.  In
> other words, do this level of routing based on URI.

You mean have the admin servlet accept raw XML as opposed to SOAP?

> Alternately, perhaps the deployment services should be a 
> "built in" soap
> service, with the request being fully compliant soap message.

Well - on the SERVER side it is already.  On the client, a quick workaround
I played with yesterday was just adding the <Envelope><Body> and
</Body></Envelope> around the XML in the deploy.xml files.  I don't think
that's really a good solution, though.


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