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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: RE: New message model notes (part 1 - brief)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 14:19:46 GMT
>> Perhaps it would be better to have a separate servlet for
>> admin tasks.  In
>> other words, do this level of routing based on URI.
>You mean have the admin servlet accept raw XML as opposed to SOAP?
>> Alternately, perhaps the deployment services should be a
>> "built in" soap
>> service, with the request being fully compliant soap message.
>Well - on the SERVER side it is already.  On the client, a quick
>I played with yesterday was just adding the <Envelope><Body> and
></Body></Envelope> around the XML in the deploy.xml files.  I don't think
>that's really a good solution, though.

If we need a hack to do the admin service then we're broken.
The admin service is just an example of doing messaging instead
of rpc.  The client should be able to hand us an XML file w/o
the ENV and BODY tag and we should be able to send it to the
server and hand w/o the ENV and BODY tags to a service.


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