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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Deployment
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 14:00:42 GMT
<% int count = 0; %>

I've just been looking through the soap build and deployment process, and it
seems to me that there are a couple of places where we could make some easy
improvements that would make life a lot nicer for our users.

First of all, why do we put the built "samples" directory in "build/samples"
instead of "build/classes/samples"?  This seems strange.

Second, I would like to change the build process to create a fully
deployable J2EE webapp instead of the hybrid we have now.  Right now we rely
on someone to add the distribution's "lib/soap.jar" to their app server's
classpath, which is not only adding an unnecessary step to the deployment
process, but also disabling some cool features of certain app-server

So I'd like to make these changes -

1) build samples into "build/classes/samples" for consistency

2) copy "build/classes/*" into "webapps/soap/WEB-INF/classes"

3) copy soap.jar into "webapps/soap/WEB-INF/lib"

This would result in a webapps/soap directory which we could just wrap up
into a .war file, and let people deploy with no extra soap-specific
classpath changes.  This would make life a LOT easier for people, I think.
Plus it lets features like JRun's "hot-deploy" work with soap (i.e. drop a
new soap.jar into your webapp WEB-INF/lib directory and the classes
automatically reload).

It might even be nice to build this in "build/webapps" so we keep all the
intermediate files in one place.

<% if (count == 0) {
     read this from the top, substituting "axis" for "soap"
   } %>



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