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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Logging
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 14:52:23 GMT
How do people feel about log4j? (

I'd like to replace the system we have now with something more real, and get
all the System.out.printlns() and System.err.println()s out of the code.  I see
two ways of doing this:

1) Delete the Debug class and the println()s.  Integrate log4j directly.

+: We get all of log4j's considerable functionality everywhere
+: It's as fast as can be
+: A lot of people are using this, so we'll likely integrate well
-: There's another jar we need to depend on

2) Replace the Debug class with a logging interface, and create a log4j
implementation of this interface, plus perhaps a simple "to console"

+: Allows building without log4j
+: Allows plugging in other logging systems
-: We need to do the work to define the interfaces well
-: Adds virtual function call overhead, decreasing performance

Opinions / comments?


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