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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: New Handler design - what do you think??
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 01:12:52 GMT
> 1 - I can't get to irc.  I keep getting:
> *** You are not welcome on this network.
> -
> *** Autokilled for [exp/ident] Enable ident in
> client. Send email to with a subject of [exp/ident] for
> more details. [AKILL ID:969137152K-a] (2001/05/19 20.29)

Try /server, tsunami was giving me troubles earlier too. will autosearch for any free server.

> 2 - I like it!  Couple of comments:>
> I think the text is little off:
> > 8. Manager sends events for Debug to LogHandler, then output of
> LogHandler
> >    to DebugHandler
> > 9. DebugHandler sets debug level, then tells Manager it's done (i.e. the
> >    gating condition is satisfied and other Handlers may run).
> > 10. Manager then tells Auth Handler it can run
> The debug handler doesn't set the debug level 'cause you haven't
> started the 'run' phase yet.  You've mixed his parsing of the data
> with the processing of it.

I should have made this more clear.  Any Handler that isn't being held up by
a previous gated Handler is free to process at will.  So indeed the Debug
handler does just that as soon as it's got all the data.

> In the case where you have to re-ask who wants this element only ask
> the handlers after this current one in the chain.

I'm not sure about that... have to give it some more thought.

> We still need to cache ID'd elements for href's.  Might be
> obvious, but you didn't mention it.


> The 'gated' stuff is a little fuzzy to me.  If one of the handlers
> is gated, shouldn't all handlers after it not even be able to
> parse anything until the gater is done?  ie. take the case where
> it's decrypting stuff.

See my last message. :)  That's not really the same as the "gated" thing.
Gating is about processing, and there's a different mechanism by which you
choose to forward events or not, I think.


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