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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: New Handler design - what do you think??
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 13:32:27 GMT
I'm going to respond to this really quickly now and in more detail later
from work.

I'd like to address both your issues and the concerns put forth by Yuhichi
and James by going over some use-cases for the various users of Axis later
today.  It's my impression that for the high-level user of Axis (simple
deployment of services, simple consumption of services), we're going to want
to insulate them almost completely from any of the complexity at the Handler
level.  The "extender", a much more advanced user who wants to write new
header handlers, control the flow of the engine, etc., is going to get some
tools too.   For instance - some people might not want to deal with SAX
processing - so we include an adapter they can wrap around their code which
supplies it with DOM elements.

The point is that I'd like the model at the core to be clean and flexible
enough to enable people who care about performance and configurability to be
able to get what they want - and as a side note, to potentially support a
wide set of usage patterns, since I don't think anyone in the SOAP community
has a real clue what all the common ones will be.  I'm not totally bound to
the new model, but if there's a way to make it work without too many
problems (for us or the users), I think it's nicer than what we've got now.

So anyway - use cases.  Let's throw some out there.


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From: "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 7:48 AM
Subject: Re: New Handler design - what do you think??

> Sam writes:
> > Glen's proposal (he gives me more credit than I deserve) is based on the
> > observation that if the deserializer and handler are likely to be
> > anyway, why not simplify things.  Put a parse and an invoke method on
> > same class.  Could simplify a number of things.
> I agree putting deserializing and "handling" together is probably
> a good thing. That especially allows one to have a handler that
> in fact does it all together.
> I think all the cases below (in your original note) are very good
> incremental steps from a small beginning. *Eventually* all of it
> could be in axis. The question in my mind is whether putting all
> of it now will inhibit axis adoption.
> Sanjiva.

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