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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: To-do list / project status
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 18:13:30 GMT
It might be nice to either relate or merge this with the requirements list
that's in the cvs tree since they're related info.

Glen Daniels <> on 05/17/2001 12:42:50 PM

Please respond to

To:   "''" <>
Subject:  To-do list / project status

Please check out - this is a
at an Axis 1.0 to-do list, which needs edits and fleshing out.  I'd like to
get each of these areas a) owned by someone, b) written up in a bit more
detail, and c) moving towards completion, ideally with a rough guess at
scheduling.  Ideally this turns into a feature-list, each of which has an
owner, a status (in proc, code complete, unit tested, integrated), and some

Is there stuff that should be on here that isn't (a: yes)?  Is what's here
correct?  Do you want to take one of these items as yours?

>From a broader perspective, it's now mid-May, and we were hoping to have a
1.0 release ready by July.  If we don't start picking up some serious
momentum, it's not going to happen.

I think this is a really cool project, and if we do a good job and get it
out in a reasonable timeframe, we will be able to say sometime next year
that we built a full-featured, fast, embeddable SOAP engine that's powering
tons of production applications, including being embedded in several major
J2EE application servers!  I want to get there; do you?

We need to start working like a team on a real project, instead of a bunch
of individuals hacking away.  How can we do that?  Any advice you can offer
would be appreciated.  Some suggestions from my end:

1) Let's talk more, both here and in real-time.  I'm on #ApacheSOAP on IRC
right now, and plan to hang out there as much as possible for the next
or so.  If you want to chat about architecture/design/coding on this
project, let's make that the place to do it.  We'll log the substantive
conversations and send them to the list.

2) Let's organize.  The to-do list is a first step, let's keep it going.
you're working in a particular area, let the list know what you're doing.
Toward that end, I'd like to suggest that in addition to keeping a list of
who "owns" which areas, that we each send out a weekly status report to the
axis-dev list, just so that everyone knows what we're up to even if we
haven't had time to write up a full spec or check in our code.

3) Let's get moving.  We need closure on some of the open issues.  We need
people to take ownership of these things, and come up with concrete
proposals/code for us to use.  It may take an iteration or two to get it
right, that's OK - but we need to get the rest of this system fleshed out
and down on paper.  We also need to know our release criteria for 1.0 in a
bit more detail.

I'm psyched - who's with me?  How much time can you put in?  What areas do
you want to work on?

Glen Daniels
Engineering Manager
                                Building cool stuff for web developers

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