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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: Apache-SOAP --> Axis
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 14:06:15 GMT
>I am deciding on whether or not to use SOAP messaging (via Apache SOAP)
>for a back-end business critical healthcare application, involving
>several hundered thousand
>transactions per day.
>Issue 1 is given that Axis will supercede Apache/Soap, how seamless
>or disruptive will a future migration be to the application code we
>Are the objects and interfaces reasonable similar or vastly different?
>We depend in particular on SOAP attachments in Apache SOAP.

To be honest, no one knows yet.  I think we would all like it if
we developed some migration tools/classes... that allows people
to just switch their jar files and nothing else, but realistically
I doubt it will be that simple.  We do have "migration" on our list
of things to do and work on, but until we're sure of what the final
product will look like I doubt anyone can give an accurate answer yet.

>Issue 2 is will the Apache SOAP infrastructure operate gracefully under
>moderatly high load?

I don't think anyone was does that analysis of v2 - anyone?


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