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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Axis IRC chat tomorrow
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 02:18:00 GMT
Hi all:

Tuesday is upon us again, and it brings with it another opportunity to join
your co-conspirators on IRC to discuss Axis development.

As per usual, we'll be meeting on #ApacheAxis on DALNet (server
or your local equivalent) at noon eastern time, 9AM pacific, etc.

I'm in the midst of drafting a release plan for putting out Axis 0.5 at the
end of next week.  If this is gonna happen, we're going to need to a) agree
on what the release criteria are, and b) decide who's going to take which
pieces that still need doing.  So I'd like to discuss some of that tomorrow.
I'll try and email the draft release plan at least an hour or so before the

I would also very much like to talk about deployment.  In particular -
exactly what should be the shape of the pluggable transport architecture
(and where do they live), how many registries should we have and where
should they live, what do we envision as packaging structures for web
service deployments, etc.  I don't believe this stuff has to be done for
0.5, but I'd like to know where we're headed.

Bring along, or email, any other agenda items you'd like to cover.

Hope to see you tomorrow!  (yes, YOU.  Maybe even some of you lurkers who
never actually show up for chats, mmm?  Come make your opinions known!  Help
us make Axis better!)


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