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From Jonathan Cobb <>
Subject Re: Axis IRC chat reminder - NOTE NEW TIME!!!
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 00:25:03 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:

>Please look over the current state of the package if you get a chance before
>then (including the docs), since I believe we may be able to package up the
>alpha release immediately following the chat if all seems in order.
Nice to have: Some more documentation on writing custom type mappers and 
what kinds of situations require them.

Also, it seems (from the code examples anyway) that to use a custom type 
mapper you have to programmatically register it with the 
TypeMappingRegistry retrieved from the SerializationContext (which in 
turn is pulled from the MessageContext).  Is there any way to 
declaratively register type mappings (perhaps through WSDD or some other 
configuration file) ? 

In this declarative model, any parameters whose types match one of the 
declared mappings would be automatically serialized/deserialized by 
Axis.  The only problem I can see here is if you wanted to have (for 
some crazy reason) multiple type mappings for the same type, and at 
runtime pick which one to use based on various runtime circumstances.

Any ideas?  Or am I missing something and all this has already been 
done?  :)


  - jonathan.

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