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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [Xerces2] Pull Parsing
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 08:04:56 GMT
Ted Leung wrote:

> I think that we have slightly different design centers for the API.  From
> reading
> your pages and your comments, It seems to me that you are focused on
> small jar size and minimum API.  Is this accurate?


actual simplicity was primary design goal - small size is no longer that
critical (full XPP2 interfaces + implementation jar file is now 42K). i just
wanted to have an "optimal" pull parsing API (as defined by balance between
elegant and efficient though it is matter of personal preferences too.. :-))

> I'm interested in pull parsing as a replacement API for SAX and DOM.  DOM
> is too bloated, and SAX is not very intuitive for most people.  So I'm
> leaning
> towards something like your XMLPullParserEvent.  It involves object like
> behavior,
> which is something that DOM people like, but it won't be as bloated as DOM,
> which everybody will like.   The one thing I still don't like is the object
> creation, so
> perhaps it would be better to make XMLPullParserEvent an interface, and have
> the user pass in an a object that would be filled in by the parser.

XMLPullParserEvent is collection of singleton objects (States) and there is no
overhead of creation during parsing at all (except initial class loading
overhead) - when compared to using byte to describe state: a byte can be
slightly more efficient then working on references (8 bytes) but i think it is a
negligibly small difference :-)

adding XMLPullParserEvent (back) to XPP2 API is not a big change and as it is
still beta version i will just change API if i am convinced that other people
find it more nice / intuitive to use :-)

another interesting thing to discuss would be how to plug-in Xerces2 pull
interface and if it will require XPP2 API changes...



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