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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [Xerces2] Pull Parsing
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 20:11:04 GMT
Ted Leung wrote:

> I don't think that XMLPullParserEvent is much use unless it contains data
> that
> the application can use.  The object creation I was concerned about was
> creating
> objects to be returned from next().

so what you have in mind is to have XmlStartTag, XmlEndTag and XmlContent to
extend XmlPullParserEvent? and then user code would look like that:

  XmlStartTag stag = factory.newStartTag();
  XmlEndTag stag = factory.newEndTag();
  XmlContent content = factory.newContent();

and now is the problme: how i know what to pass to next(XmlPullParserEvent)
method - it may be start tag or end tag or anthing?

i could have next() to retirn XmlPullParserEvent  (like in KXML) but it forces
XPP to create objects even if user does not need them - and there is no way to
plug in my own implementation of start tag (in XPP2 XmlStartTag is just
aninterface and pull parser can work with multiple implementation easily...).

i think that proper solution is to rename XmlPullParserEvent into
XmlPullParserState as it better reflects that it describes pull parser state and
have following methods:

  XmlPullParserState next()
  XmlPullParserState getCurrentState()
  String readContent();

this way the user is not forced to read start or end tag when s/he just wants to
skip parts of XML. moreover using String directly instead of XmlContent wrapper
allows for much lightweight parsing - no need to create XmlContent and then to
retrieve actual value (and that is important if i want to have lightweigh XML
node tree that instead of requiring everyting to extend from common Node class
allows to store _any_ Object which is great for creating semi-structured and
typed trees...).



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