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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Targeted chains - let's punt exposing them
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 20:24:00 GMT

Hi folks:

In a conversation today I realized something.  I believe the only real use
for targeted chains is when the pivot point actually switches the
MessageContext from "request" mode to "response" mode.  Check me on this,
but it seems like the user defining a targeted chain like:

<chain name="foo" request="h1" pivot="h2" response="h3"/>

is exactly the same thing as their defining this:

<chain name="foo" flow="h1 h2 h3"/>

The only time they'd REALLY want a targeted chain is when deploying a
Service, or a client Transport, both of which have special interesting tasks
that the pivot performs.

I hereby propose we remove the ability to have user-defined targeted chains,
which should make deployment less confusing.

Glen Daniels
                                Building cool stuff for web developers

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