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From "David Melgar" <>
Subject Namespace prefix mangling problem
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 21:38:27 GMT
Regarding the namespace prefix mangling, I may have found the problem. I've
been starting at this too long, still dont quite understand it, so my logic
is likely to be faulty, but might help you folks.

The events for startPrefixMapping occur before the element that contains
them. In the case of the message I'm working with, SOAP-SEC prefix is
defined within a <signature> element, but the event occurs before
startElement(signature) event. This mean that the SOAP header object
essentially needs to store the event.

However, HeaderBuilder create a SOAPHeader onChildStart, in this case when
signature is found. SOAPHeader ends up marking that as the start event

What I think has happened, is that any events between the onChildStart that
created the SOAPHeader, and the onChildStart for the signature, are
essentially lost (ignored).

What I did as a fix, was change HeaderBuilder so that the SOAPHeader create
occurs during HeaderBuilder.startElement. I don't understand the reasons
its not normally done this way.

End result, the namespace prefixes are not mangled. Have to admit, I've
mucked with so much code, it could be something else that also affected it,
but I dont think so.

Attached is the modified HeaderBuilder.
(See attached file:

David Melgar
Web Services Toolkit Development
Emerging Technologies
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