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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: Warning regarding debugging levels
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:10:28 GMT
Yup - that debug section was there in sort of a "I'm messed up and
all I want is the stuff from the wire printed to the screen".
That will probably be removed pretty soon since we're supposed to
switch to JLog pretty soon.

"Frederic Desjarlais" <> on 08/17/2001 11:59:04 AM

Please respond to

To:   <>, <>
Subject:  Warning regarding debugging levels

It would probably make more sense to wait until more people join the
axis-user list to mention this, but I thought I'd point it out now anyway.

I was writing a SOAP Client using Axis, and decided to bring the debugging
level to something 'high' -- so I chose 10:

e.g.) org.apache.axis.utils.Debug.setDebugLevel(10);

However, this caused more headaches than it should have.  Specifically, in
org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender (around line 306), we've got:

if ( b != -1 && Debug.getDebugLevel() > 8 ) {
     // Special case - if the debug level is this high then something
     // really bad must be going on - so just dump the input stream
     // to stdout.
     while ( (b = (byte) != -1 )

if ( b != -1 ) {

I figured out the problem after quite a bit of grepping and runtime
debugging.  Maybe it should be placed in the FAQ (for the alpha release),
and/or fixed up for in the main development tree so that others don't try
bring the debugging level higher than 8.

Without this, I was getting the following AxisFault on invocation of the
  faultString: java.lang.Exception: Null response message!
  faultActor: null
  faultDetails: [[stackTrace: null]]


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