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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Junit testing of Wsdl2java
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:46:51 GMT
I am in the process of creating automated testing of the
generated files from Wsdl2java using JUnit.  The process
is somewhat trying as it is difficult to get the compiler
to compile the classes.  I got past that part just now
by dynamically creating an Ant project with one task.

The tests that are required are "deploy" and undeploy.
There are also some sanity checks that must be made:

The test must use reflection to determine that the methods
are there with the expected signatures.

The test must call the SOAP methods to ensure that the
deployment was correct.

What I need help with is determining what exactly is expected.
Because this is a test, I want what is expected--so that if
we get an unexpected result, we can flag it right away.

I plan on using Avalon's ExcaliburTestCase because it
allows for certain parts to be called once during the life
of the test (i.e. source and class file generation).  It also
allows me to easily configure the test and run iterations
based on config data.  Plus, if we decide to componentize
the Axis server, it will allow much easier integration.

The approach I will take is to figure out what Wsdl2java does,
and test for that.  The problem is if the results are wrong
then the test is wrong.

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