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From "Jung , Dr. Christoph" <>
Subject Configuring Log4j
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:32:22 GMT

I´m just integrating the axis-alpha as a regular deployment service into
JBoss. I stumbled over the following code in org.apache.axis.AxisEngine:

 static {

which confuses the whole logging-setup of JBoss after
classloading/instantiating  org.apache.axis.AxisServer 

Do you require that the AxisEngine.class (and hence your default logging
configuration) must be initialised before any application (server) using the
package is configuring its logging behaviour? 

At least in the upcoming JBoss Rabbit-Hole release, we are trying to
bootstrap and hot-deploy nearly every part of the server (including the axis
deployer) and this would require a lot of ugly workaround code to reinstall
the logging configuration each time.

IMHO, any service package that is a part of a larger applications
(application servers) - and thats what Axis can be with highest value -
cannot and should not decide about the whole logging configuration. Hence
the above code, if at all, would be better done, e.g., in the main method of
the client applications ... 

I hope that I could (and will in the near future) contribute some valuable

BTW, did I say that I really like the Axis approach? 


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