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From Mark Roder <>
Subject Issue: Client default for doMultiRefs is true
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 20:39:25 GMT

In Alpha R2, the client default for doMultiRefs seems to be true.  This code
below had to add a     "client.addOption(AxisEngine.PROP_DOMULTIREFS, new
Boolean(false))" to shut off multirefs.  This should be something you have
to turn on.

   User aUser=ArchiveDataTEST.getValidUser();
    RPCParam userParam = new RPCParam("User", aUser) ;
    String endpoint = "http://foo";
    ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient(endpoint);
    //following line should not be necessary
    client.addOption(AxisEngine.PROP_DOMULTIREFS, new Boolean(false));
    client.addSerializer(User.class,new QName(),new BeanSerializer());
    String ret = (String)client.invoke("Login",
                                       new Object [] {userParam });    



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