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From "Radovan Janecek" <>
Subject WASP & Axis
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 00:39:57 GMT
Hello all,

I think it is a very good idea to have a common umbrella for Web
Services-related projects under a new (non-Axis) name. Personally, I like
DAISY as suggested previously. :-)

However, I feel there are other serious questions we should discuss prior
doing any merging effort:

What do you, Axis developers, think about the time frame for merging the
WASP and Axis code bases? I'm not an Axis architecture expert. However, as
far as I know, I can hardly imagine that we can achieve anything reasonable
in short time without a huge disruption to Axis and WASP users. Do you have
some comments on that? My optimistic guess is that it takes at least one
year of hard work to deliver production quality software.

ways to cooperate
>From the technical perspective, I see three possibilities:

1) Systinet can just dump the code to a subdirectory of the Axis tree and
continue with our development. Then, you and we can think how to modify our
codebases to merge them into a single piece.

2) Systinet can dump the code, discuss what architecture/code is 'better'
and continue work on the 'winner' project. (the 'winner' project will be
adopting some features from the other one, but it'll keep its major
concepts, APIs, etc.)

3) Systinet can establish a standalone project called e.g. Apache WASP
(xml-wasp). Then, you and we will know the internals - and will together
make some plan to create a new single project from scratch in the future.

Do you see any other 'options'?

Since I think that Axis and WASP are pretty incompatible, I definitely
prefer the third option. I'm convinced that it is the best one at least from
the technical point-of-view. Is the 'Xerces and Crimson' case a good example
of the third option?

WASP for C++
You probably know that Systinet also has a WASP for C++ too. It has the same
architectural concepts as WASP for Java. I think it is perfect candidate for
opensourcing on Apache as well. What do you think?



Radovan Janecek
VP, Engineering, Systinet  (formerly Idoox)

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