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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: WASP & Axis
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 13:54:47 GMT

--- Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> Radovan Janecek wrote:
> >
> > timeframe:
> > ----------
> > I know that it is not easy to make a guess without seeing the code. On the
> > other hand, there is a lot of WASP documentation: architectural concepts,
> > open APIs, etc. My knowledge of Axis is also based on playing with the
> > demos, using the API rather than digging in the code itself.
> So I can't look at WASP code, and you haven't looked at Axis code.  An
> inauspicious beginning...

Radovan, Can you send us a few URL's that you think we "should" read about WASP?

> > cooperation:
> > ------------
> > If I understand you correctly, you basically agree with the idea of
> > standalone Apache WASP project (any Axis dependence). And later on,
> > establishing new soap project (probably from the scratch) that will use the
> > best from both projects...
> That was the initial position.  Based on the feedback from the PMC and others on the
> list, a separate project is not a viable possibility at
> this time.  Generally, everybody wants to see us try harder to work together.

Yes. There's enough flak already about 2 SOAP stacks...

> > name of the new project:
> > -------------------------
> > I have no problems with the Axis name for the future project. I like it. I
> > have also an experience with changing the name - you probably remember the
> > IdooXoap product. :-)
> ;-)


> > I just didn't want to dump our code to Apache cvs and call it Axis-wasp (or
> > any similar) because it would be misleading.
> Unfortunately, that is the proposal.  Either within the xml-axis cvs (as a
> proposal/wasp, perhaps), or as an xml-axis-wasp cvs.  The feeling is that
> it would be too confusing any other way.

I would go with proposal/wasp for the java code.

> > WASP for C++:
> > -----------------
> > It is written in very portable way. In fact, it uses only classes from C++.
> > No templates, no exceptions, etc. Sources for the older (IdooXoap-like
> > version) are available on our website. Sources for the new (WASP-like)
> > version will be available soon. We have lot of C++ users and I'm pretty sure
> > that C++ version is even better Apache candidate than the Java one.
> If you notice, the top directory in Axis is /java.  There is no reason that
> a second directory could not be created immediately.

+1. No problem here.

> > my summary:
> > -------------
> > I think that the ideal case would be
> > 1) Establishing separated CVS for Apache WASP (or module, or whatever - I
> > don't know Apache processes).
> Let's do #2 and #3 below and then revist this.

As above, my opinion is that we should use proposal/wasp under current Axis module.

> > 2) We will start with opensourcing WASP C++ because there is nothing similar
> > on Apache yet. Doing this, we will learn the formal and informal community
> > processes, etc.
> +1


> > 3) We will further discuss and plan with the Axis team possible cooperation
> > on the Java side. We will dump WASP for Java to the cvs at some point and
> > continue with the development. It cannot be done immediately, since the code
> > requires some adjustments before it is opensourced.
> Agreed.


> > 4) When we all decide to start 'Axis 3', Java WASP will switch to
> > maintenance mode only and all the effort will be focused on 'Axis 3' only.
> This need not be a binary switch.  As an example, because Xerces 2 was
> still maturing at the time, schema support was added to Xerces 1 before
> Xerces 2.  What is important is that there was no attempt to add function
> merely to Xerces 1 and not participate in the rolling up of this function
> into Xerces 2.

Not yet...Let us see how things progress with #1, #2, #3.

> > 5) The question is whether WASP C++ will be also called Axis 3 then. Likely
> > yes.
> If we get started soon enough, then perhaps the first release of Axis can
> be released with both a C++ and Java versions.  Based on the plan above, it
> appears that the Java version contained in this first release would be on
> the community developed code base, but subsequent releases may include the
> Idoox/SystInet/WASP either in whatever way makes sense (everything from
> code reuse to complete rebasing, depending on how things go).

We can revisit this later.

> There are also other questions in my mind, but maybe it is enough for now.
> I'd like to hear your and other Axis developers opinions on this. I can
> easily imagine that Axis developers won't be happy with starting new 'Axis
> 3' project in the near future just because Systinet offers its framework to
> Apache. :-)

Am really glad that discussion is moving on...Looking forward to working with you guys.

> - Sam Ruby


Davanum Srinivas -

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