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Subject cvs commit: xml-axis/java TODO.txt
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 13:57:45 GMT
butek       01/12/05 05:57:45

  Modified:    java     TODO.txt
  Added Wsdl2java TODO items.  This might be more detail than folks want, but this
  is my reminder list, so I wanted to capture certain thoughts.
  (Tom, could you take a look at it?  A couple of these came from a list you sent me a
  while ago.  They may need updating.)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +29 -0     xml-axis/java/TODO.txt
  Index: TODO.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis/java/TODO.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  --- TODO.txt	2001/12/03 22:42:09	1.2
  +++ TODO.txt	2001/12/05 13:57:45	1.3
  @@ -33,5 +33,34 @@
   ! <> Clean up addr sample, including writing a how-to guide
  +* <> (ongoing) JAX-RPC compliance.  In particular:
  +! <> The generated XXXService class should extend javax.xml.rpc.Service.
  +! <> Generate an error for notification and solicit-response type operations.
  +! <> Mapping of XML names.  We do some, not all, of what JAX-RPC specifies.
  +! <> Faults - What do we handle now?  What needs to be enhanced?  JAX-RPC needs improving,
first, we think.
  +! <> Derived type support.
  +! <> Method overloading.
  +* <Russell> (ongoing) Need to pull everything writer-specific out of the framework(Emitter/SymbolTable/etc).
 Signatures are still in there.  So are Wsdl2java options that only the writers care about.
  +! <> Attachment support.
  +! <> Name clash resolution has to grow up.
  +! <> Automatically creating a package name from a namespace is very limited at the
  +! <Tom> Literal soap:body support.  (I'm not sure how far Tom's gotten on this.)
  +! <Russell/Rich> If a reference to a type is encountered before the definition, a
RefdType is created and added to the symbol table.  Once the type is defined, this RefdType
is replaced by a real type.  Other objects may have referred to the RefdType.  Their references
also need to be replaced.  This doesn't affect any of our existing tests.
  +* <Russell/Tom> Grow Filegen test.  We now generate code only if it's needed, but
this feature isn't well tested yet.
  +! <> --verbose could probably use some tidying up, particularly wrt types.
  +! <> Do we need a Wsdl2java Exception?

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