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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: WASP & Axis
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 16:32:41 GMT

We *cannot* make a decision on Axis 3 Right now, as we don't have sufficient information...If
guys join in, Am 100% positive that you will have a say in how things go on and what we decide

If we get to know "WASP brings cool things"...yes of course personally, i'd jump at it :)

I think we should move ahead with WASP C++ under xml-axis/C and WASP Lite under
xml-axis/java/proposal/WASP. Once you guys get in and we take a look at your code, we can
everyone's deadlines and decide how to proceed next.


--- Radovan Janecek <> wrote:
> Hi Dug,
> it's perfect what you said. This is the reason why I want to discuss our
> contribution prior it actually happen. I want to know whether there is a
> _will_ to start the new generation of Axis (say Axis 3) in the future among
> Axis developers. Because if not, I don't see any reason for Systinet to
> contribute its Java code. It is obvious that any merging activity would cost
> much more effort than starting new project from the scratch. As a developer
> I wouldn't predict a good future for such morphed piece of software :-).
> So, this is a basic question: Are you willing to start a new project Axis3
> if you realize that WASP brings cool things? And when?
> I'm realizing stronger and stronger, that probably the best start would be
> to contribute WASP for C++ only and discuss the Java one further. What do
> you think?
> Radovan
> Btw, the quoted 'doubtful' paragraph is mine, not Sam's :-)
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Doug Davis" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 2:56 PM
> Subject: Re: WASP & Axis
> > Sam wrote:
> > >There are also other questions in my mind, but maybe it is enough for
> now.
> > >I'd like to hear your and other Axis developers opinions on this. I can
> > >easily imagine that Axis developers won't be happy with starting new
> 'Axis
> > >3' project in the near future just because Systinet offers its framework
> > to
> > >Apache. :-)
> >
> > I glad someone else said this first  :-) ... nothing against Systinet or
> > the "unknown code" but I'm confused why it appears like we're
> > ready to dump Axis in favor of something that we know next to nothing
> > about?  Shouldn't ALL of this discussion of grabbing someone's code
> > be done AFTER we actually look at the code?  Even if we like the
> > architecture that does not mean we'll automatically like the code.
> > And, btw, I don't think anyone has actually voted on replacing
> > Axis' architecture with a new one.  I would feel much more comfortable
> > with all of this if we actually had something tangible to look at
> > and play with - it seems like we should decide IF we want something
> > before we decide WHERE we want it.  I see us discussing WHERE before
> > the IF.
> >
> > -Dug
> >

Davanum Srinivas -

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