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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: Axis Install Problem- Help!!
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 17:37:35 GMT
At 10:41 AM 11/30/2001 -0800, Sanjay Bahal wrote:
>2. Started the tcpmon with java
>org.apache.axis.utils.tcpmon 8080 localhost 8011
>- the window come up- but it gave error-
> Address in use: JVM_BIND

Did you ever get past this error?  This looks to me like you were trying to
get Axis running on port 8011, and the client connecting to 8080, with
tcpmon bridging the two.  However, you already had something running on
port 8080.  So your client was connecting to *that*, not to your Axis on
port 8011.

Your subsequent messages didn't mention whether you ever resolved this part
of your problem.  If not, then things definitely will not work!  Whatever
you had running on port 8080 must be stopped before tcpmon can start
forwarding that port.


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