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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: Undeploying services and handlers
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 17:34:36 GMT
(answer crossposted to axis-user and axis-dev - please restrict replies to
Hi Chris!
The problem here is in the undeploy.wsdd file - the top-level element should
be <undeployment>, not <deployment>.  So the problem you're seeing is a
result of *deploying* "blank" handlers and services.  This needs to get
fixed so that we throw an appropriate fault.  But if you change your element
to <undeployment>, you should be able to undeploy this just fine.
The same problem holds with your earlier example of undeploying just the
handler (i.e. you were actually deploying a blank copy of the handler, not
undeploying it), except that if you undeploy the handler and not the
service, the service will break.  Long run, we should be reference counting
this stuff so that you can't undeploy handlers that are being used by other
chains/services, but for now the solution should be returning better error
Thanks for using the package, and keep up the great feedback!
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From: Chris Haddad []
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 11:18 AM
Subject: Undeploying services and handlers

Axis-User - 
I didn't see my postings coming through on axis-dev, so I'm cross-posting
this to the user's list.
When I run the following undeploy.wsdd file, the server-config.wsdd file is
nulled out to a zero size, and the 'list' command throws and exception. 
Is there a bug in my undeploy file?
Here's the undeploy.wsdd used to attempt removal of the handler and the
<deployment xmlns="">
 <service name="LogTestService"/>                    
 <handler name="track"/>                             
Note, when I just undeploy the service, LogTestService, and don't reference
the handler, all is ok.  Although, there is still a vestigial reference when
performing the list command," <service name="LogTestService"/>   "
Chris Haddad
Cobia Communications

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