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From Jake Repp <>
Subject Relation between Axis and Apache-SOAP
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 18:51:52 GMT
I have been playing around with Apache SOAP for about a week and Axis just
over the weekend (going the anonymous CVS route). It seems from the
descriptions I've been reading and digging through the source that Axis is
intended to be a replacement for Soap? It seems that as of now Axis is
trying to provide a higher level of abstraction for web services than soap
(providing the wsdl4j stuff, rpc autobinders etc). So given those two
assumptions that I have just made (which may be wrong for all I know ;) I am
looking at using apache-soap as the primary deployment and call mechanism
for SOAP and using axis for the service discovery (using my own native
writer classes to create pseudo stubs). I'm trying to give everyday users a
chance to use web services from a wizard like interface. 

Is there some key pieces I'm missing here in how these two products
differentiate themselves? Maybe I am looking at the archtecture all wrong.


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