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From "Sedukhin, Igor" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL]: Correlation between Handlers and the Regsitry
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 02:09:47 GMT
I was trying to switch to the nice and neat programmatic deployment model using the WSDD abstraction,
registry, etc. It seems to work all good, but one way. That is, I can deploy new WSDDService,
then get a Handler and be happy. Well, it does not work the other way around: if I have a
Handler there is absolutely no way to get back to the proper deployment information (and I
mean it, cuz I've spent quite some time looking into it). getDeploymentData is an obsolete
function that returns a document that has nothing to do with the deployment registry or WSDD.
In fact that method has to be either changed or removed from Axis to not to confuse people.
It was used in alpha2 and pre-alpha2 by Admin.listConfig and such.

So, instead of me going crazy and implementing thick application logic to compensate for all
that, I'd like to propose changes to Axis that can make everybody's life easier. The goal
is also to avoid converting WSDD objects to DOM when not necessary. Such conversion, provided
the given implementation of writeToContext and SerializationContext, is very heavy (OO->print->string->XML->DOM).

Again, the objective is: having a Handler to be able to correlate it to the deployment information
in the registry.
Here is the summary of the needed changes:

1. get rid of getDeploymentData
2. introduce new methods QName getQName() and setQName(QName key)

1. introduce new method WSDDDeployableItem getDeployedItem(QName key)

1. add private QName key
2. implement getQName and setQName

1. In makeNewInstance call h.setQName

1. In makeNewInstance call service.setQName 

It is really easy to implement. I can send fixes in a day.

-- Igor Sedukhin .. (
-- (631) 342-4325 .. 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788

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