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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Wsdl2java --verbose cleanup?
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 20:37:58 GMT
Russell Butek wrote:
> This is a rather minor cleanup issue but I've had a couple people wonder
> about it.
> The Wsdl2java --verbose flag generates some development-level info that I
> don't think the typical user cares about.  See below for the verbose output
> for AddressBook.wsdl.  It seems to me that all the type info is overkill.
> We already say "Generating type implementation:  XXX".  The other stuff is
> too much detail.
> I'd like to remove this info, but for us developers I can see that this
> info CAN be useful, so I don't want to just remove it out of hand if folks
> use it.  What I usually find myself wanting, though, is info about the
> whole symbol table, not just the schema type info.  So I wrote
> SymbolTable.dump(PrintStream out) which, when developing/debugging, I often
> call at some point.  But it's never called in code I commit.
> Would anyone object if I removed the type info from Wsdl2java --verbose?

FYI, in case you find it helpful.  Another project facing a similar need
split -verbose into two options: -verbose and -debug.  For details, see

- Sam Ruby

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